Why Sub Zero is a Preferred Marine Brand Appliance

There might be a variety of choices when it comes to marine appliance brands, but Sub Zero is often preferred over the multitudes. Setting your boat up with quality gally appliances will save you money overall. Below are a few of the reasons this brand is highly sought after by those that love to spend time on the open seas.

Unrivaled Durability and Quality

The appliances needed to outfit for cabin cruiser, or yacht might be smaller than what is required for a house, but you still want the same durable, high-quality products. Sub Zero is a brand that is designed to provide long-lasting service, no matter the conditions. You can expect the same longevity and strong performance that traditional home units offer.

Impress Your Guests

Your guests cannot help but be impressed with the look of your galley featuring quality Sub Zero appliances. They are created with care and demonstrate your expertise in choosing a brand that looks as great as it performs. Your boat will become your favorite place to entertain friends and family.

Carry Plenty of Essentials

The practical side of using dependable appliances in the water cannot be overstated. You need a refrigerator that offers enough room to carry essential food items for your excursions. It will save you time to not have to pull into port to grab a meal. Providing your own ice and wine cooling abilities are also time and money savers.

Do Away With the Tacky Ice Chest

A regal boat deserves quality appliances that provide many of the comforts of home. You can toss the idea of having to root around in an ice chest for a cold beverage. You can keep the deck and galley hall clear of bulky ice containers that can cause trip and fall injuries.

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Service Available On Land and Sea

Sub Zero is renowned for fast and dependable repair service on all appliances. Getting your appliance repaired is as easy as pulling into port and calling your local service technician. They will be happy to come out and make the needed repairs and get you on your way.

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