Why Should I Get an AC Tune-Up?

 Investing in an AC tune-up is the perfect way to keep your system running as it should. Below are a few of the benefits of getting an annual check-up of your system.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

The amount of electricity your air conditioner needs to create cold air is directly reflected in your bill. An AC tune-up is the best way to ensure your unit is operating at optimal levels for complete energy-efficiency. The efficiency of your air conditioner will lessen at it ages, but you can still enjoy lower bills for many years before replacement becomes necessary.

Improve Your Air Conditioning Performance

Turning on the air conditioner and not realizing any appreciable difference after a few minutes can bring about serious frustration. An AC tune-up will reveal problems with refrigerant levels, fan operation, or thermostat control. Problems with any of these can reduce the performance level of your system dramatically. You should notice a significant improvement immediately after any issues are corrected.

Maintain a Clean Running System

The evaporator and coils can become dirty with constant use. It is recommended to get your AC system completely cleaned once each year. It will not corrode as easy and leak valuable refrigerant. The system will not have to run as hard since it is easier for the exchange of temperature between the refrigerant and warm air. Your home will stay cooler with less effort.

Ensure the Refrigerant Levels and Temperatures are Correct

An AC tune-up can detect any existing problems with the refrigerant levels and that the stated temperature on the thermostat is correct. Adjustments in the level of refrigerant made, and testing and replacing a faulty thermostat can save you more significant problems down the road.

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Catch Potential Problems Timely

All thorough AC tune-ups involve a check of the entire system. Any potential problems are often caught at this stage, relieving you from the stress of a complete breakdown when the temperatures climb.

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