What’s the Difference between Shades, Shutters and Blinds?

Covering windows in the space is more complicated that picking a curtain or style. To truly make a space standout, it’s important to use more than a curtain or drape. In fact, for privacy purposes, a homeowner should include some shutters norwalk oh rather than shades or blinds.

Shutters are Constructed Using Various Materials

Shutters are constructed with a variety of materials including wood, steel and metal. They have two parts which rest against the wall when the shutters are opened. The two halves connect in front of the window to completely block the window’s view. Shutters can be custom designed to fit windows. Also, a homeowner can have exterior and interior shutters. The exterior shutters are made for the outside of the window. The interior shutters can be used inside a space.

How are Blinds different from Shutters?

Blinds are made of a variety of materials such as wood and aluminum. Sometimes blinds and shutters can feature the same design: slats. The difference between the blinds and shutters is blinds have slats that cover the entire window. The blinds’ slats are vertical or horizontal. The slats are closed to give a space privacy or shield it from sun rays. However, sometimes the blinds don’t completely provide privacy because they have gaps between the slats where people can see inside. Some homeowners choose to use curtains for increased privacy.
The slats on shutters are different because they are moveable. For example, they can be pushed up or down depending on the amount of privacy needed in a room. Blinds’ slats must be adjusted using a pull string. This can be a time-consuming process to get the exact amount of light or privacy in a space.

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Shades Completely Cover a Window

Shades are made with fabric. This is a major difference between shades and shutters. They are also available in different shapes and structures. The purpose of shades is to add visual appeal to a space. They can provide privacy because they completely cover a window. This is similar to shutters because they also cover the entire window.
Shades are also designed with different patterns, colors and textures that help to accentuate the room’s decor. Shutters are different because they can be shut by closing the two halves together. However, shades have a mechanism which allows them to be pulled down. When a person wants to see out the window, they release the mechanism holding it down. The shades roll up to the top for an unobstructed outside view. For total privacy, the shades are pulled down.

Picking Shutters over Blinds and Shades to Decorate a Space

Blinds, shutters and shades are an option for anyone decorating or redecorating their home. The ultimate choice will depend on the homeowner’s personal style and taste. However, shutters have a functional difference when compared with blinds and shades. Shutters are versatile than blinds and shades too. Shutters can be used in conjunction with shades and blinds for a unique decor.