What Information Should a Roofing Estimate Contain?

gathering estimates to have roofing repairs or replacement done is a normal part of trying to get the best price for the services needed. Not every written estimate is one you should consider. A quality roofing contractors in Jacksonville FL will make sure that nothing is hidden and that you have all of the information needed to make a good decision.

What Work is to be Done

In order to keep an accurate record of the project, the estimate should detail the job to be done and include the recommended materials. You can feel confident that if this is the contractor you choose, you are fully aware of what will be done and the materials to be used to achieve the end results.

Estimated Time for Project Completion

You need to know how soon the project can be done if you are under a time constraint, or have a busy schedule. It can help you decide between contractor availability at times you are free.

Cost Estimate

The cost of the materials and labor are an important bit of information you need to have on the written estimate. Make sure that all charges are clear and that there are no brushed over hidden fees. Understand when the payment is due and whether you need to pay for the materials, or have the cost added at the end. Never agree to a deal without knowing the general neighborhood of what it will cost.

Full Information for the Contractor

Never hire a roofing contractor that cannot provide a physical address. It could end up being a fly-by-night that disappears without finishing the work. Make sure there is more than one way to contact the company.

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If you get estimates for a roofing project that offers little information, it is better to keep looking for the right contractor. A good local roofing contractor will take the time to provide all the information you need to make a quality choice.