Tips on Finding the Right Garage Door

When it is time to purchase a new garage door, you will want to consider the appearance. In addition, you should consider the cost, warranty, and value the door will offer for your home. Here are some of the things that you should look for when trying to find the best fit.

The Appearance

Rather than just a regular white garage door with all the little squares, why not choose something else? There are many colors available to match the exterior of your home. The doors come with different patterns. Some have windows. If you have a country style home, there are doors that will match your architectural style. Genie Sales & Service Co. is an example of a company where you may find a garage door Denton.

Insulated Doors

How much insulation do you need in the door? If your garage doubles as a recreational area, you will want it to be comfortable in cold or hot weather. The insulation also helps reduce outside noise. The types most often used in garage doors are a spray foam and a styrofoam insulation. They both work differently and offer different levels of protection. The R-value is the measurement of heat flow resistance. Generally, the higher the R-value, the better it is at reducing heat loss.

The Warranty

When shopping for a garage door, you will want to consider the warranty. They will vary from one-year to fifteen or possibly even a lifetime warranty. Think about this when comparing prices on the doors, because even if you save a couple hundred dollars on a door and it only has a one-year warranty, you may end up spending more to replace it. The extra you spend for a better warranty could be worth the expense.

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Don’t forget to look at safety features. Since this is such a large door, it must be correctly adjusted to provide the safest operation. It is a good idea to perform maintenance and testing of the door on a regular basis. This can help prevent someone from being trapped under it when it closes, causing serious injury.