The Importance of Fencing for Your Ranch or Farm

If you own a farm or a ranch, you know how much work they require. Most farms are fenced to help protect this investment. Regardless of the type of animals you own, from horses to cattle, you must have fences to keep them contained.

How Fences Help

Fences help to keep stray animals from wandering onto your property. Sometimes they can scare or harm your livestock. It also keeps the animals from wandering off onto other people’s property or onto roads where they could be hit by a vehicle. Fences are also used to keep animals out of areas where you may have crops growing.

Many times you may want to confine your horses or cattle to a specific area for grazing. This allows the other areas time to grow. Then they may be transferred to a new area to graze. This is known as strip grazing. Your land likely has several gates, so that you can easily move your animals from area to another. Often the type of gates that can easily be opened without the need to get out of your vehicle are used. One example of a company offering farm gate openers is Bump ‘n Drive.

Other Reasons to Use Fences

Using the proper fencing offers an attractive look as well as being functional. You may have animals that you want to keep separated from the rest for a particular reason. They could be sick or perhaps certain animals do not get along. This helps to protect all the animals. When you use fencing, you have an unobstructed view. You can usually tell, with just a glance, where your animals are and if they are okay. If you are in business to sell these animals, fencing offers a visible way to advertise your livestock.

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Should you ever decide to sell your ranch or farm, fencing that is attractive, functional, and well-maintained, is an asset. Potential buyers will see this as a benefit, and your property will increase in resale value. It lessens the need for a buyer to improve the property. Many buyers do not want to spend a lot more money on improvements after the initial purchase.