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4 Top Branding Strategies for Building Your Brand Identity

You may have heard people talking about the importance of branding for business. Large companies spend a lot of money every year to build or reinforce their brand identities. This does not however have to be the reserve of the large companies–if you’re the owner of a small or medium business, there are many rewards to reap from your branding campaigns. Branding can help you improve the image of your business, increase trust among customers and create customer loyalty.

With the help of a decent branding agency, your business can grow in leaps and bounds ad establish itself as a trustworthy brand. Here are 4 top strategies you can use to create a strong brand identity:

Create a unique visual identity
Creating a decent logo is one of the first things you need to do to create a unique image of your brand. Your logo must look appealing unique, and should also be memorable. Your visual identity, however, goes beyond the logo. Things such as your website, your marketing materials, clothes and other branded merchandise should also have a unique look and feel to them. If someone saw your some of your branded merchandise without the logo, would they know it’s your company’s? Remember visuals tend to make a significant impression on your customers, so it’s vital to set your brand apart from the competition.

Use social media to build brand awareness

Thanks to social media, businesses of all sizes now have great opportunities to build brand awareness. If used in the right way, social media can help you connect to new customers and build a strong brand with minimal funds. Considering that your customers check into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. every day, social media certainly one of the top places to grow your brand quickly. With a bit of creativity, you can increase engagement with customers and even get them to become your brand ambassadors.

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Make a modern website

Through their website, the internet provides small enterprises with the opportunity to look professional and credible. In this era, no matter your company’s size, your site plays the role of your front office. Creating a beautiful, conversion-optimized site can help you get more customers than was ever possible in the past. A top-notch branding agency can help you set up a modern, visually appealing website that’s optimized for conversions.


Running adverts on traditional media–radio, TV, newspaper–can help build awareness for the brand, but smaller businesses may find it a bit too costly. Luckily, you may still make your brand known by running ads on the internet. This includes, sponsored social media posts and blog posts, PPC campaigns, etc.
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