Simple Tricks Your Newtown Real Estate Agent Can Reveal to Sell Your House

Whether you are trying to sell your house in a buyer’s market or simply want to get the full listed price when inventory is low, you need every advantage possible. Your local real estate agent has decades experience and the backing of their realty office to help provide you with a few selling tips that will appeal to most potential buyers. These are a few selling tips your real estate agent services Newtown PA professional can pass along to help increase the chances of selling the house for top dollar.

Transforming the Curb Appeal of the House

Your real estate agent is going to explain to you that many potential buyers are on the hunt alone when it is convenient for them. In an effort to lessen the searches, they drive through neighborhoods and eliminate potential listings simply based on the curb appeal. This means no matter how stunning the inside of your house if it lacks curb appeal, these buyers are driving right by and never requesting their realtor get them inside for an appointment. Take the advice of your real estate agent and hire a professional landscaping crew, power washing team, and handymen, to give the exterior of the house and property a makeover.

Maximizing the Square Footage of the Interior

Inside the house, the goal here is to give the buyer the impression the house is more than big enough to handle all their belongings. When the closets, garage, attic, and cabinets, are full of your stuff to the point they can’t hold another piece, it sends the buyer the wrong message. Rent a small storage unit and move everything you will eventually be packing to that location.

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Now the closets appear empty, the cabinets have plenty of room, and the garage can fit more than a car. This gives the buyer the feeling they could easily get everything they own and move into the house.

Mimicking the Techniques in a Model House

Your realtor will take you to a model house in a new construction development to show you why those houses sell more houses than any. Once inside, the neutral decor draws you in, you can imagine yourself in each room, and you get emotionally invested in the property. That is the feeling you need to give every potential buyer coming into your house.

To do this, all those personal effects need to be boxed up, the counters need to be cleared off, and the rooms need to have a neutral paint. Tackle one room at a time until it feels like a model house to you too.

Even when the market is slow or there are too many houses in inventory, these selling tips provided by the Newtown real estate agent will help your house connect with buyers on an emotional level. Once you hook the buyer, they cannot get your house out of their mind and will do just about anything to keep another buyer from getting in an offer before they are able to.