Shutters Polish off the Look

My husband bought his house when he was only twenty three years old. I knew that when I married him that we were going to add on to the house, but it was going to be after a lot of work. We lived on ply wood floors for many weeks and we would go to bed in the dining room because we did not have flooring in the living room or even the bedroom yet. We had to decide on things like window shutters and the front landscaping. I had no idea how long it was going to take us to decide on what to do to the front of the house. I knew that I wanted to see if we had room to buy shutters to complete the look of the house but my husband said that he was not sold on the idea of having them. I asked him why he would not want to have them and he told me that they did not look good on the siding that we had on the side of our house.

I was talking to him after dinner one night and I told him that we should go for a ride to get ice cream. He said he did not want to go, but I wanted to take him on a ride so that he could see the new houses that went up for sale just down the street from us. He did not realize why I was taking the long way to the ice cream store, but when I stopped in front of a house that looked like ours with shutters, he said that he understood why I would want them. We went home and ordered them online and we had a great time getting them up the next week.

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