Sewer and Water Repair Products From the Workers Themselves

Costly Damage

When a sewer or water line breaks, it can not only become a costly repair, but it could potentially be life-threatening in certain circumstances. Those in charge of repairing any damage to sewer or water units have to work quickly and efficiently to fix the problem before it can cause any further damage–both physical and financial. If those workers aren’t equipped with the right tools, however, it can affect how quickly and well they can repair the problem. From maintenance to repair to hydrant flushing, Hurco Technologies has been designing products to thwart these arising problems that workers face.

Innovation In The Field

Lynn Hurley is responsible for beginning Hurco Technologies. He began, however, as a sewer and water contractor. During his time in the field, he noticed some of the problems that he and his co-workers faced with either inefficient tools or tools that just couldn’t get the job done. As a result, he began to invent a slew of tools that have since made the maintenance and repair of sewer and water systems not only efficient but safer for the workers and for the systems in question. The company has received 21 United States patents for their inventions and they’re still inventing new products to further help workers perform their job well. With the experience that comes from the field itself and a keen insight as to what repair and maintenance teams need, contractors can have faith in the products Hurco Technologies provides.

Safer And Efficient

For decades, Hurco Technologies has been equipping workers in the field. For those who are tired of not having the tools they need to see a job done, you can find relief and support from the plethora of products available from Hurco Technologies. Each one is designed with the worker and job in mind, with an emphasis on safety and effectiveness. With a business that is innovating every day, you can only expect further excellence from their products and cutting-edge technology for your workers.

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