Saving What Matters with a Fire Extinguisher

Every home should have a fire extinguisher available to use in the event of a fire. The use of fire in a home is quite prevalent. We use fire to cook in the kitchen and outdoors on the grill. We use fire in the living room and/or bedroom where there are fireplaces. Those of us who smoke walk around with little fires just inches away from our mouths. If any of those fires get out of hand, they could lead to disaster. Fire extinguisher Tacoma WA could save the day by dousing that fire before it destroys the home we live in.

The Peculiar Nature of Fire

Most of us are never taught how to put out a fire safely. Many cooks assume a grease fire can be contained if it’s doused with water. That will not put out a grease fire. Follow these five steps to extinguish a grease fire in the kitchen. Do these only if you believe the fire is small enough for you to handle it, otherwise call the fire department.

1) Turn off the stove.
2) Cover the pot with a metal lid.
3) If the fire is still burning, pour baking soda into the pot to extinguish the fire.
4) As a last resort, spray the pot with a Class B or K chemical fire extinguisher.

Fires that can be Extinguished with Water

Contrary to public belief, water is not the best thing to grab in the event of a fire. Actually, water can cause some fires to spread. Water will cause grease and oil fires to spread as it splatters the fire on contact. Electrical equipment that catches fire is also not suppressed by contact with water. The equipment will only short out when exposed to water, which has the effect of spreading the fire more. The only fires water is a safe extinguisher for are fires on clothing, upholstery, mattresses and rugs. Still, using a fire extinguisher is far safer, because some materials combust so easily you cannot afford to see if water will be an effective extinguisher or retardant.

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Store Your Fire Extinguisher

Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher, preferably several if you have a multi-floored home or a large home. If a fire breaks out, you will want to have easy access to the extinguisher, so it needs to be close. In the kitchen, you should store away from the oven and other heating sources, buy in the room for easy access, perhaps on the door or on the wall. You’ll want to have one on each floor, so you won’t have to climb or run down stairs in the event of a fire to find a fire extinguisher. If you have a garage where you park vehicles, you should also have a fire extinguisher handy in that space in case an engine or a petroleum product catches fire.

Fire extinguishers can save your family and your home from injury and destruction. It’s a far better investment, to buy and maintain a fire extinguisher than to save those few dollars and wind up replacing your home. Just remember your family is not replaceable.