Safely Work at Night on Your Construction Project

Working at night has different risks than working in the daytime. Sometimes a job just requires working in the darkness to make sure it’s completed by the deadline. Roadways are commonly worked on at night in busy metropolitan areas to cause less traffic delays during the morning and evening commutes. Here are some ways to keep your project safe at night.


Commercial led lighting Denver lights up the dark. A well-lit project helps workers avoid slips and falls and making mistakes. Temporary lights are movable, so you can have the light exactly where you need it. The bright LED bulbs have a wider and longer reach than incandescent allowing you to use fewer lights.


Working at night must be done safely for the sake of your employee’s well-being and health. The circadian rhythm in the body isn’t designed to work overnight. Over time, working long night shifts can have an impact on the mental and physical health of your employees. The circadian rhythm is more than just your sleep cycle. It affects blood pressure, body temperature regulation, adrenaline secretion, digestion and metabolism. Keep an eye on your employee’s stress, concentration and fatigue as they can lead to accidents on the job.


Management isn’t immune to the negative effects of working overnight. However, as they are in charge of the project and employees, they should develop a risk assessment plan for dealing with the change in work conditions. A little pre-planning can go a long way to avoiding accidents and mistakes that can derail the project.

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Have a plan in place before a set of night shifts. These plans should address the inherent risks associated with working at night such as those mentioned above. Prep workers ahead of time by giving them some guidelines to help them cope with the change in schedule such as eating well and maintaining a regular sleep schedule.