Protecting Your Finished Basement

When you invest in having a finished basement, there are maintenance activities you should be doing to make sure your possessions are safe. People often finish their basements as a way of increasing living space, but sometimes things can go wrong when water gets into the basement and causes damage. There are steps you can take to make sure that water does not spoil you finished basement.

Sump Pump

Some areas require a sump pump be installed in your basement while others do not. If you have a finished basement, then a sump pump installation is an essential part of protecting your investment. A sump pump will make sure that any water that does get into your basement is removed quickly. A professional installation will ensure that your sump pump is always working properly.

Annual Basement Inspection

It is worth your while to invest in an annual basement inspection by a certified expert to make sure that your basement is still able to keep out water. Over time, conditions can change and your basement might not be able to keep up with shifts in the water table or other problems. An annual inspection will make sure that your basement is still able to stay dry, and a professional can recommend actions you can take to keep your property in good shape.

Get The Grading Checked

Most contracting professionals will check the grading around your home’s foundation when inspecting your basement. If you had an inspector who did not look over your grading, then be sure to get the grading looked over by an expert as soon as possible. Time and the weather can affect the slope of the land near your basement and flatten it out a bit. You want that slope to be sharp so it repels water and an inspection will let you know if you need your grading redone.

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A finished basement is something that requires routine maintenance every year. By investing in regular maintenance and inspections for your basement, you can protect your possessions and retain your investment.