Popular Rug Designs To Fit Your Living Arrangement

As the centerpiece of any interior or outdoor space, rugs can define the image of your home. In some cases, a vibrant, distinct rug can be the difference between utter disappointment and a room you feel confident in.

Moroccan Rugs

The tribal peoples of Morocco have been weaving rugs since the Stone Ages, and their designs have been perfected over the centuries. Moroccan rugs are known for complementing modernist décor with their traditional styles and understated designs.

Cabin Rugs

With a warm, rustic feel, cabin area rugs accompany the style of any country-themed space. Cabin rugs feature graphics related to the outdoors, such as wildlife, natural scenery or paw prints.


Hailing from the Middle East and Central Asia, kilims are traditional rugs woven in colorful flat weave styles. Kilims tend to be lighter and reversible, allowing them to be used for a variety of design purposes in addition to their use as floor coverings.

Aubusson Rugs

With their antique style that first added depth perspective to the world of textiles, these French-inspired rugs utilize a vast array of colors to provide eye-popping floral esthetics. The Aubusson rug is a perfect fit for any fine dining room.

Modern Mid-Century Rugs

Coveted by all influential celebrities and designers during the 1960s and 1970s, Mid-Century rugs are straight out of an Andy Warhol apartment. Their usages of bold, bright color palettes and unique geometric patterns allow these rugs to stand out and define a setting, rather than merely complement or blend in.

Southwestern Rugs

Featuring bright reds and blues that complement stark lines and yellow backgrounds, Southwestern rugs bring the traditional designs of the Navajo to your household. These rugs complement rural aesthetics, and they feel right at home in adobe settings.

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For those looking to upgrade their current décor, finding the perfect rug is half the battle. In the words of “The Big Lebowski,” the perfect rug can tie the look of an entire room together.