Mattress Shopping: Finding The Right Kind For The Right Sleeper

So what kind of mattress suits a particular sleeper? This is actually a more complex question that it might seem. This is because, although there are three “kinds” of sleeping styles, not every mattress for each of these styles is exactly the same.

The plain fact is that there is no one particular kind of mattress that will work for everyone, no “one size fits all” solution to the problem of securing a good night’s sleep. One requirement for a good mattress is that it provides firm support and a comfortable surface to sink into. In fulfilling this requirement, the mattress has to be so structured to maintain its general shape while allowing it to form itself to the shape of the sleeper’s body, upholding it to maintain full spinal support.

Memory Foam And Layered Thickness

Modern mattress design incorporates “memory foam” that tends to fit itself to the sleeper. Overall thickness depends upon how many layers of foam are laid down upon one another to provide varying degrees of firmness. This design allows the mattress to cradle the body and relieve the vertebrae, joints, and pressure points of the body’s excess weight.

For example, a mattress with three layers of foam gives what is described as “medium firmness” which is sufficient for most sleepers who lay on their backs. The three-layer system will usually consist of a top cover of latex foam of around two inches thickness, a second two-inch layer of memory foam, and a final under-layer of denser support foam six inches thick. This is considered the proper configuration for both support and comfort for the average sleeper.

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Some premium-quality mattresses go further and are manufactured with four layers. In this configuration, five and a half inches of dense supporting foam underlays a sandwich of two inch support foam, two and a half inches of elastic memory foam, and a two inch top layer of gel foam. Hybrid design mattresses will support sleepers with a combination of memory and support foam layers and pocketed coils.

There are other mattress configurations beyond those three examples, of course, particularly at the higher end of the cost scale. This helpful site and others can provide the prospective mattress purchaser with a wealth of useful information that can aid in making the right choice to guarantee a comfortable, healthy night’s sleep.