How to Fix a Scratched Laminate Floor

This type of flooring is made up of fibreboard topped with three layers: a brown paper coated with a special resin, a layer of paper with a pattern on it and then a third clear sheet. Unlike hardwood floors, if your laminate gets damaged you cannot sand it down to remove the mark, as this would only make more damage, so how can you fix a scratched laminate floor?
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Your local DIY store will have a selection of laminate touch-up kits, so make sure to select one that matches the colour of your floor. Each kit will contain a marker, a filler crayon and some varnish.


If you only have a minor scratch, filling in with the marker may be all that is needed. Otherwise, follow the instruction leaflet. Roll on the putty – just enough to fill the scratch. Gently sand the area with a fine grit sandpaper, bringing it back to the level of the floor. Wipe the area with a damp cloth to remove any excess filler or dust. Open a window before using varnish. Apply the varnish in a thin line across the surface of the scratch, feathering to give an even surface. Allow the varnish to dry and lightly sand level with the surface.

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There are separate kits specially designed for deeper scratches. These also include a marker, putty and varnish. You will need an open window when working with this kit. Scoop out some putty on to a putty knife and scrape into the scratch in two strokes to enable the putty to penetrate into the scratch. Remove any excess and rub with a solvent to clean. Leave to dry. You can then sand lightly with a fine grit sandpaper until smooth. When you are happy with the finish, use the varnish to apply a shine. When dry, sand it smooth.

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If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, your laminate flooring from should be as good as new. With your kit, you will also need to supply some fine-grit sandpaper, clean cloths, acetone, a putty knife and laminate seam filler.


If your flooring has received serious damage, you will need to replace it. If it is only one board that is damaged, you can replace a single board without compromising the rest of the floor.