How to Feed Your Four-Person Family on a Small Monthly Budget

You never know when the costs of groceries will skyrocket, making it more of a challenge to ensure that you and your loved ones eat healthy, well-balanced meals throughout the week. When you have a small monthly budget for food, it can be tough to nourish your little family of four, especially if you have always-hungry, growing youngsters.

This article details some small ways you can save on your food budget and feed your four-person family without spending too much.

Freeze Seasonal Fresh Produce in Bulk for Later in the Year

Fresh produce is picked at the peak of ripeness—a.k.a the perfect time to snag your favorites, prep them at home, and freeze them for later. You can make smoothies, yummy desserts, or thaw naturally for a delicious sweet treat that reminds you of summer in winter. Freezing in bulk also ensures those fruits remain at their peak ripeness for optimum nutritional value throughout the year.

Be a Sales Shopper

Sales papers are at the front of grocery stores for a reason. Take advantage. Or, better yet, sign up for the weekly newsletters from your favorite grocery stores—sales paper included. You can plot your plan of shopping for groceries before you even step foot into the stores.

Tip: For dried and canned goods in bulk, invest in assembled storage sheds that give you extra space for family foods. Be sure the shed is kept cool and dry to preserve your essentials.

Plan Weekly Menus Ahead of Time with Family Collaboration

Families usually dine together at breakfast or dinner time, so plan weekly meals around your own family’s “together time.” Collaborate on a menu that everyone loves, then shop for the specific ingredients based on the sales papers. The same goes for snacks, since almost everyone has a go-to snack for school, work, etc.

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Prepare Bulk Meals That are Heavy in Complex Carbs, Heart-Healthy Fats, and Strengthening Protein

Complex carbs, such as beans and whole grains, plus heart-healthy fats, like avocados and real cheeses, and strengthening proteins, like chicken tenderloins, are the ingredients for a healthy, delicious, filling meal. So, pick your ingredients and find a recipe that incorporates everything—such as a hearty chili or stew. Make double the amount so your family can eat on it for lunches throughout the week.