Good Things To Know About The Hottest Materials Of Fences

Fences are found all throughout housing developments in urban areas, one-off farmhouses, duplexes in residential areas, mansions in suburbs and everywhere else one might imagine people live. These structures serve a handful of purposes, including design, preventing what’s inside from leaving, only deterring outsiders from entering, and offering privacy. There are many types of fences available to consumers on today’s market. Let’s peer into the benefits of a variety of popular fencing materials.


Vinyl fences are an ideal choice for realty flippers who need to improve the value of homes in the short-term. They are also incredibly easy to wash, often requiring nothing more than a consumer-sized garden hose.


Composite fencing consists of long chains of plastic polymers combined with masses of real wood fibers. Once combined, composite fencing material stays true to its original form thanks to increased durability. Unlike wood fences, composite fences are not generally prone to insect damage or infestation.


As you might imagine, metal fences are generally regarded as the most durable fences out there. Metal fences can even go decades upon decades without rusting through applying coats of anti-rust paint whenever current paint jobs look rusty.


Surely, you’re familiar with the “white picket fence” of the traditional American dream. These fences are made out of wood, a traditional material to build fences with. Only stones have been used longer than wood to make fences. Wood is easy to work with, making it the best material for fence installation experts to create custom looks with.

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Bricks, Blocks, and Stones

Masonry also includes materials like stucco and concrete. Although they provide timeless looks, not to mention countless years of use, they are not the most expensive type of fencing material. Stones can be used by beginners to create custom fences, though all other types of masonry are best left to professional fence-crafters.

No matter what purpose they’re used for, residential fences can always be designed to make homes look many times better. For longevity’s sake, always trust a Fencing contractor Lake County IL to take on fencing work for you.