Five advantages of a bay window

A bay window is a popular choice for the home. Usually comprised of three windows that join together and protrude from the outside wall at angles, a bay window comes with a heap of sought-after benefits. Here are five of them.

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1. Better views

Rather than just looking through a single, flat pane of glass, with a bay window you can view the outside from various angles and from more than one glass pane. They’re a great choice for bringing the outside in, especially if the windows face your garden.

2. Improved light levels

It’s not just better views that are yours for the taking with a bay window. They also let in more light. According to Home Advisor, their angled construction lets in light from multiple angles, making them much more efficient through the changing seasons compared to a traditional flat window. For small rooms or those that face north, a bay window can prove a crucial ally in letting much-needed light seep into a space.

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3. Energy efficient

If you choose bay windows from a reputable supplier such as, you can be assured of windows that are made from insulating properties, to keep your home warm when you need it most. This offers excellent energy efficiency, but good quality windows with added security features can also protect your dwelling.

4. Extra space

Since a bay window protrudes from a wall to the outside, you get additional space inside that you wouldn’t get if you just had a flat window. This space can be put to great use for a whole manner of purposes, letting you exploit the extra light levels. Whether you use this space as somewhere to sit and view the outside, as a desk area for work or as a place to dine, you’ll find it a welcome addition to any room.

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5. Stylish

While a bay window offers many practical attributes, you simply cannot ignore the fact that it looks much more stylish and attractive compared to a traditional, flat window. Properties that feature a bay window or two are instantly given character, and this could prove a useful selling point if you decide to move home. Plus, with so many styles to choose from, you should easily be able to find a bay window that suits the distinctive character of your property.