Changes For The Basement

Sometimes, your basement might be an area of the home that is neglected. It might be a space that you use for storage or that is home to the water heater. You can turn your drab and boring basement into one that is functional for the family and that looks like any other room in the home. A basement renovation Falls Church VA contractor can offer suggestions about the best way to approach the project and what you might need to change before painting, decorating and installing any new flooring that you want to use.

If you have a large basement that extends the length of the entire home, then you can turn it into a living space with an eating area, a space with a couch and television and a small bedroom. This would be an option to consider if you have family or friends who visit from time to time or if you have older children who want to stay home while they are in college. Use white paint on the walls with comforting decorations as a way to bring life to the basement. You should also consider installing carpet as a way to provide additional warmth in the basement. Laminate flooring is also an option along with rugs or hallway runners.

Before beginning any kind of basement remodeling project, you need to make a detailed plan. Add details about the water heater, fuse box and other features that you might not be able to move around in the basement. The structural supports in the basement will likely provide a basis for where any new walls and other details are built. One way to save money on your remodeling project is to leave the ceiling exposed. Paint the pipes and other details on the ceiling for an industrial look instead of using drywall to create a ceiling. This idea works well with higher ceilings. A playroom or an additional bedroom are good ideas to consider if you’re thinking about ways to transform your basement. A family room is also an option, especially if you have a large family so that everyone can be in the same area for special events.

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