Basic Fundamentals of Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is one style of flooring that many buyers appreciate. Since it is a valuable feature in enhancing the beauty of the floor, perhaps you should consider having it in your home. Nevertheless, like most types of flooring, these floors have disadvantages and advantages. Even with the two aspects, a lot can still be achieved in terms of maintaining beautiful hardwood floors.

  • Cleaning the Hardwood Floors

Cleaning your hardwood floors should be easy. Regular maintenance includes constant sweeping using a bristle or dusting via a dry microfiber mop. If you have a floor that features beveled edges, you can vacuum it with a beater bar to clear the dirt off the floor boards.

  • Sweep and Vacuum Clean 

Perhaps you reside in a neighborhood with a lot of dirt and grit. In such a case, you will always track all types of dirt and grit. Since the particles are abrasive, you will need to clean up every now and then so that they do not grind down your floor to the finishing point. You can use a canister vac coupled with soft bristles.

  • Recoat the Hardwood Floors

Perhaps you have noticed that hard wood floors wear unevenly. For instance, you will first realize that the spots at the door wear in small spots especially at the exterior. Later on, you will realize that the fridge’s front is wearing off. These are signs that should not be ignored. Keep vigilant and recoat every space with tear and wear.

  • Put Floor Protectors on Seats and Furniture 

There are many types of floor protectors that you can use. Most of them come in fibers that can absorb grit thereby preventing your hardwood floors from tearing and wearing. Also, some of the floor protectors are pretty adhesive and can stick to the chairs thereby preventing the floor from damages.

  • Do Not Mop Wet the Wood Floors
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Even if you own the stick squeeze mops, they will not work for hardwood floors because of the possibilities of having water dripping onto the floor. What is more important however is making sure that the floor is completely dry. If you are the traditional type of person that bends over to clean, you need to ensure that you dry the hardwood floor completely as well.

  • Use Rugs to Cover Your Floor

Use exterior rugs to trap grit from the incoming traffic. You can also use area rugs through the high traffic areas as well as the spots including, the bottom of the stairwells.

  • Hire a Maintenance Professional 

Companies that deal with home appliance repair Denver CO offer several services including cleaning and revamping. With that said, you should always make sure that you are dealing with a company that can provide a broad spectrum of hardwood floor cleaning services. In addition, the company should have a team of professionals well-equipped with the right services to offer.

The Conclusion

Over and above, you need to avoid harsh chemicals while cleaning your hardwood floors. Even if you will hire a professional cleaner for your floors, they should always adhere to the basics of maintaining hardwood floors.