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4 Tips for Naturally Keeping Ticks Out of Your Yard

It can be hard to enjoy relaxing in the yard or allowing your children or pets to safely play on the lawn when you have to worry about ticks. Apart from attaching to your skin to suck your blood and causing painful bites, these parasites can transmit troublesome diseases to humans like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. To help you enjoy a yard that is tick-free all year long without the use of harmful chemicals, follow these four tips for natural tick removal solutions.

1. Use a Natural Tick Repellent

Using a natural tick repellent for yard is an easy way to quickly kill any ticks living in your yard and keep them away for weeks to months afterward. While some types of repellents contain harmful contaminants that be harmful to your pets, other insects, or the environment, organic or all-natural products can safely get rid of these parasites.

2. Frequently Mow Your Lawn

Ticks like to hide in long, lush grass or in large bushes, which can make your lawn an unsafe place to hang out or play. Keeping your lawn short and trimming bushes can help discourage ticks from hanging out in your grass or nearby plants.

3. Use Tick-Repelling Plants

There are many types of plants that naturally repel ticks. For example, lavender, sage, mint, rosemary, and rose geranium can help keep ticks and mosquitos away from your yard. Citronella, garlic, and pennyroyal can also repel ticks, but be careful planting these since they can potentially cause harm to some pets or even humans if ingested.

4. Get Chickens

If you’ve always wanted to raise chickens of your own, this is another reason to get some. Apart for providing you with a constant supply of eggs, chickens can help eat any ticks that make their way onto your property.

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Make Your Home Show-Ready in Texas

Are you selling your home in Texas? There are plenty of easy ways to make it more appealing to buyers and get it off the market quicker. Before your first open house consider these methods to freshen up your space.

Clean Carpets

When moving out of a home, it usually takes more than a good vacuuming to get years worth of living out of the carpets. For a good, deep clean something like steam cleaning college station is a good choice. Steam cleaning can have your carpets looking like they were just installed and fool your potential buyers. A sanitized carpet can leave your home smelling fresher, as well.

Furniture Staging

Although it’s nothing to be ashamed of, you may not own the most stylish furniture. That comfy couch you’ve had forever may serve you and your family well, but it may not strike a chord with someone else looking for a fresh start. If you can get your furniture out of the house early, you can create a blank canvas for a furniture staging expert to style your home with up-to-date, trendy furniture.

Neutral Palette

If you have the time, updating a room or two with a fresh coat of paint can transform your space, especially if you had previously chosen some funky colors. To maintain mass appeal it is safest to stick with neutral colors in order to facilitate a wide array of styles. You can save a little more money if you decide to paint it yourself. This will allow buyers to imagine themselves in your home.

If you want to get the most value out of your home during a sale, you’ll need to make it as buyer-friendly as possible. That could mean implementing simple changes like clean floors, fashionable furniture and fresh paint. Don’t pass up the chance to make more money on your sale!…

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How To Choose a Contractor for Your Home Renovation

A home renovation can give your house a much-needed makeover. Not only does redoing a kitchen or bath make your home more functional, these renovations actually increase the value of your home. Whether you plan to live in your home for years to come or are preparing it for a sale, the right contractor can make a world of difference.


Once you are ready to do your home renovation in Sarasota FL, you should ask around for recommendations. If you know someone who used a contractor recently, ask them how things went, what they liked, what they didn’t like and any other questions. A quick online search can give you a bunch of local contractors. Look at their reviews and testimonials to determine whether or not you should explore the company further.


With a narrowed down list, it’s time to do some research. Look at their portfolio to make sure they do the types of projects you need completed. If they only do pool renovations and you need a kitchen remodel, they may not be the best contractor for you. Make sure they are certified and licensed in your area. Check to see if they have insurance in case things don’t go as planned. If you can, contact their references and visit a completed project.


Have a few give you a bid or quote for the project. Review the proposed plan, pricing and contracts. Someone with the lowest price may not be the best contractor. Take your time responding, a good contractor won’t pressure you to make a decision. Once you decide, sign the contract and pay any upfront costs as agreed upon.

Hiring a contractor may seem daunting but taking the time to do your homework can save you a lot of headaches later. After you select a contractor and sign a contractor, you get to enjoy the fun part of picking out colors and designs.…

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7 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover Tips

Want to update the bathroom but don’t have a high budget for renovations? Keep reading to learn seven budget-friendly tips for transforming your bathroom into a mini paradise.

Update Your Fixtures

Focusing on the small details might seem unimportant, but small changes can elevate your bathroom’s decor. Upgrade a towel rack or refinish the sink faucet and experience the change in the room’s energy.

Purchase Secondhand

Habitat for Humanity ReStore, eBay, or Craigslist sells used doors, toilets, and tubs at a discount. Purchasing these fixtures from secondhand sellers significantly reduces remodeling costs.

Redo, Don’t Buy New

Why buy new when you can redo? Savvy homeowners can improve existing fixtures instead of replacing them. Those with old-school, vintage fixtures lean more toward this alternative to preserve their’s bathroom’s classic style.

Cut Prices on Counter Tops

Bathroom counters are one feature you can splurge on guilt free. Since bathroom countertops require less space than the kitchen, homeowners invest in premium countertops like granite or marble. Bathroom vanities in Milwaukee offer materials that enhance a bathroom’s design appeal.  Consider a wider range of colors since neutral shades are more expensive due to demand.

Paint the Bathroom

Painting is one of the least expensive, most powerful ways to give a bathroom a new look. Use high-quality paint with a satin finish because it discourages mildew and mold growth. Bathrooms are a space that experiences humidity and temperature shifts often, so investing in superior paints is a wise idea.

Limit the Tile

Laying out tile is expensive, especially when you pay a professional to lay out the material for you. Focus laying tiles on prominent areas like the floor instead of inside shower walls.

Although remodeling a bathroom seems like a pricey endeavor, wise homeowners can curb costs with smart decisions. With these seven makeover tips, you can realize your dream bathroom under any budget.…

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Popular Rug Designs To Fit Your Living Arrangement

As the centerpiece of any interior or outdoor space, rugs can define the image of your home. In some cases, a vibrant, distinct rug can be the difference between utter disappointment and a room you feel confident in.

Moroccan Rugs

The tribal peoples of Morocco have been weaving rugs since the Stone Ages, and their designs have been perfected over the centuries. Moroccan rugs are known for complementing modernist décor with their traditional styles and understated designs.

Cabin Rugs

With a warm, rustic feel, cabin area rugs accompany the style of any country-themed space. Cabin rugs feature graphics related to the outdoors, such as wildlife, natural scenery or paw prints.


Hailing from the Middle East and Central Asia, kilims are traditional rugs woven in colorful flat weave styles. Kilims tend to be lighter and reversible, allowing them to be used for a variety of design purposes in addition to their use as floor coverings.

Aubusson Rugs

With their antique style that first added depth perspective to the world of textiles, these French-inspired rugs utilize a vast array of colors to provide eye-popping floral esthetics. The Aubusson rug is a perfect fit for any fine dining room.

Modern Mid-Century Rugs

Coveted by all influential celebrities and designers during the 1960s and 1970s, Mid-Century rugs are straight out of an Andy Warhol apartment. Their usages of bold, bright color palettes and unique geometric patterns allow these rugs to stand out and define a setting, rather than merely complement or blend in.

Southwestern Rugs

Featuring bright reds and blues that complement stark lines and yellow backgrounds, Southwestern rugs bring the traditional designs of the Navajo to your household. These rugs complement rural aesthetics, and they feel right at home in adobe settings.

For those looking to upgrade their current décor, finding the perfect rug is half the battle. In the words of “The Big Lebowski,” the perfect rug can tie the look of an entire room together.…

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Ways To Give Your Kitchen a Unique Flair

It’s often said that kitchens are the heart of a home, but they can start looking outdated quickly, and many builder grade homes lack unique features. Whether you’re doing a huge renovation or small touch ups to add some style to your kitchen, there are plenty of ways you can help it stand out.

Install Custom Cabinets

If you’re considering a bigger renovation and need new cabinets, custom cabinetry Tampa is a great way to go. Custom cabinets can help you make the most of whatever problems your kitchen has, making the most of a kitchen that is uniquely shaped or tiny or bringing interesting elements to a previously bland layout. You can often work with designers to make sure the layout of your kitchen works for you, optimize storage, and ensure that your cabinets fit your style while being entirely unique.

Choose Colors That Pop

Completely white kitchens are going out of style in 2019, so if you choose white cabinets, add pops of color through other elements of your design, such as colorful breakfast bar chairs or backsplash. Another option to consider, however, is to make a statement by choosing bold cabinet colors. Blues, greens and even matte black will be stylish cabinet choices this year; if you’re not ready to commit to the full color, consider two-toned cabinetry.

Mix Metals and Add Texture

Mixing metals and adding textures to your design creates depth and can give your kitchen a more natural look. You can incorporate a variety of trendy metals into your hardware, light fixtures, and faucet. Textured concrete is also making its way into the limelight as a countertop choice, and reclaimed wood or handmade backsplash are also great ways to add texture to your kitchen.

Whether your budget is large or small, there are plenty of changes you can make to update your kitchen. Even better, when the job is complete you’ll have a kitchen that wows your guests and adds value to your home.…

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5 Home Addition Ideas

When you buy a house, there’s no guarantee that the layout and space of that home will accommodate you forever. Your lifestyle may change, or your family might grow. You may also realize problems with the space that you didn’t notice until you started living in it. When your house is no longer working for you, think about these five ways to use an addition.

1. Expanded Kitchen

Kitchens are fast becoming one of the favorite spaces in the house. If you’re unsure what to do with your room additions Anne Arundel County MD, then consider expanding your food prep area or adding a breakfast nook.

2. Sun Room

Much like a patio, a sun room is designed to let you enjoy the experience of lounging in the sunlight. These rooms use floor to ceiling windows to allow lots of light to come in, while still maintaining roof coverage in case of rain.

3. Extra Bedroom

If your family has expanded since you bought your house, you might be in need of an extra bedroom. Adding on makes it so your children don’t have to share bedrooms any longer, and you’re able to stay in your house instead of having to sell. 

4. Living Space

Entertainment is a top priority for most families, and some houses don’t come with large enough rooms to accommodate everyone’s gadgets and technology. A new living space may have the square footage you need for lots of furniture and a big screen television.

5. Master Suite

Older homes most likely won’t have the master suite you’ve always wanted. A room addition can include a full-sized bathroom, walk-in closet and a large enough space to include both a sleeping and seating area.

If your home has challenges that have you thinking about moving, slow down and consider if a room addition could solve your problems. There are lots of great ways to use this extra space that can make your house perfect again.…

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