7 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover Tips

Want to update the bathroom but don’t have a high budget for renovations? Keep reading to learn seven budget-friendly tips for transforming your bathroom into a mini paradise.

Update Your Fixtures

Focusing on the small details might seem unimportant, but small changes can elevate your bathroom’s decor. Upgrade a towel rack or refinish the sink faucet and experience the change in the room’s energy.

Purchase Secondhand

Habitat for Humanity ReStore, eBay, or Craigslist sells used doors, toilets, and tubs at a discount. Purchasing these fixtures from secondhand sellers significantly reduces remodeling costs.

Redo, Don’t Buy New

Why buy new when you can redo? Savvy homeowners can improve existing fixtures instead of replacing them. Those with old-school, vintage fixtures lean more toward this alternative to preserve their’s bathroom’s classic style.

Cut Prices on Counter Tops

Bathroom counters are one feature you can splurge on guilt free. Since bathroom countertops require less space than the kitchen, homeowners invest in premium countertops like granite or marble. Bathroom vanities in Milwaukee offer materials that enhance a bathroom’s design appeal.  Consider a wider range of colors since neutral shades are more expensive due to demand.

Paint the Bathroom

Painting is one of the least expensive, most powerful ways to give a bathroom a new look. Use high-quality paint with a satin finish because it discourages mildew and mold growth. Bathrooms are a space that experiences humidity and temperature shifts often, so investing in superior paints is a wise idea.

Limit the Tile

Laying out tile is expensive, especially when you pay a professional to lay out the material for you. Focus laying tiles on prominent areas like the floor instead of inside shower walls.

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Although remodeling a bathroom seems like a pricey endeavor, wise homeowners can curb costs with smart decisions. With these seven makeover tips, you can realize your dream bathroom under any budget.