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4 Tips for Naturally Keeping Ticks Out of Your Yard

It can be hard to enjoy relaxing in the yard or allowing your children or pets to safely play on the lawn when you have to worry about ticks. Apart from attaching to your skin to suck your blood and causing painful bites, these parasites can transmit troublesome diseases to humans like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. To help you enjoy a yard that is tick-free all year long without the use of harmful chemicals, follow these four tips for natural tick removal solutions.

1. Use a Natural Tick Repellent

Using a natural tick repellent for yard is an easy way to quickly kill any ticks living in your yard and keep them away for weeks to months afterward. While some types of repellents contain harmful contaminants that be harmful to your pets, other insects, or the environment, organic or all-natural products can safely get rid of these parasites.

2. Frequently Mow Your Lawn

Ticks like to hide in long, lush grass or in large bushes, which can make your lawn an unsafe place to hang out or play. Keeping your lawn short and trimming bushes can help discourage ticks from hanging out in your grass or nearby plants.

3. Use Tick-Repelling Plants

There are many types of plants that naturally repel ticks. For example, lavender, sage, mint, rosemary, and rose geranium can help keep ticks and mosquitos away from your yard. Citronella, garlic, and pennyroyal can also repel ticks, but be careful planting these since they can potentially cause harm to some pets or even humans if ingested.

4. Get Chickens

If you’ve always wanted to raise chickens of your own, this is another reason to get some. Apart for providing you with a constant supply of eggs, chickens can help eat any ticks that make their way onto your property.

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