4 Things People Forget To Do After Moving Into a New House

You have been planning the new move for months, and when the time finally comes, it can be difficult to remember all the things that need to be done. For that reason, the list below can remind you of the four things that most people forget to do after moving into a new house.

Change the Locks

Protecting your family is always your number one priority, so it can difficult to understand why it is so easy to forget to change the locks the first day you move into your home. Call an Orlando locksmith and either replace the whole lock system or have the technician re-key the outside doors to your new home.

Inspect the House

It may be over whelming when your life is in boxes that are stacked in every room of your new home, but take the time to inspect the area before moving in. This is especially true of crawlspaces and attics because that is where you will most often locate signs of past leaks, possible bugs, and hidden mold.

Clean Everything

No matter how clean the house looks, there may be places that have not been scrubbed in years. That is why you should take the time to replace furnace filters, clean appliance coils, and scrub condensers and evaporators right after you move into the house. Clean the area around the water heater, under appliances, and over windows and doors, too.

Update the Detectors

After locating the smoke detectors throughout the house, consider replacing the units with a more modern and sensitive design. It may seem like an unnecessary task, but as long as the CO and smoke detectors are working properly, it is one less thing you need to worry about and one more thing you can take off your stress list.

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Take time to work through the items on this list when you move into your house. You may be surprised at what you find when you do.