3 “F” Home Improvements You Can Do Overnight

Excited about a home makeover? Many people choose to refresh their living spaces and are accomplishing it on a budget. Here are a couple of ideas that will not only improve your home décor but are also easily accomplished in a short amount of time without a bunch of cash.


A new statement piece can completely change a room. For example, if you have an ocean colored office with wood trimming, the addition of a nautical themed table can gift the entire room with a new focal point. It is easy to shop for new pieces, just look in magazines or online. Try searching for something like furniture San Francisco CA. Measure the space beforehand so you know what dimensions you are looking for.


There is a reason why tapestries hung in old castles. They added something beautiful to the space. You may not want a large battle scene hanging in your living room but consider a new rug underneath your dining room table, or perhaps a ribbon a fabric framing a family portrait. The new textures can add a touch of elegance to any décor.

Another great choice is a runner if you have stairs. The new fabric’s additions can bring some color to your climb and make the journey safer if your stairway is slippery.


You do not have to replace all your cabinets to reclaim your kitchen. That can quickly drain your pocketbook and your energy if you’re trying to do it yourself. Instead, you can reach for a fresh can of paint to do the trick. This may take a little longer than overnight, but the finished product can transform your kitchen into a place you will want to be.

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Any of these projects can bring life to your home. Whether you choose a new sofa to tie in a theme, throw up a great new wall-hanging, or refinish your cabinets, you can sit back and be satisfied with time well-spent and money saved.