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5 Home Addition Ideas

When you buy a house, there’s no guarantee that the layout and space of that home will accommodate you forever. Your lifestyle may change, or your family might grow. You may also realize problems with the space that you didn’t notice until you started living in it. When your house is no longer working for you, think about these five ways to use an addition.

1. Expanded Kitchen

Kitchens are fast becoming one of the favorite spaces in the house. If you’re unsure what to do with your room additions Anne Arundel County MD, then consider expanding your food prep area or adding a breakfast nook.

2. Sun Room

Much like a patio, a sun room is designed to let you enjoy the experience of lounging in the sunlight. These rooms use floor to ceiling windows to allow lots of light to come in, while still maintaining roof coverage in case of rain.

3. Extra Bedroom

If your family has expanded since you bought your house, you might be in need of an extra bedroom. Adding on makes it so your children don’t have to share bedrooms any longer, and you’re able to stay in your house instead of having to sell. 

4. Living Space

Entertainment is a top priority for most families, and some houses don’t come with large enough rooms to accommodate everyone’s gadgets and technology. A new living space may have the square footage you need for lots of furniture and a big screen television.

5. Master Suite

Older homes most likely won’t have the master suite you’ve always wanted. A room addition can include a full-sized bathroom, walk-in closet and a large enough space to include both a sleeping and seating area.

If your home has challenges that have you thinking about moving, slow down and consider if a room addition could solve your problems. There are lots of great ways to use this extra space that can make your house perfect again.

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Keeping Our Spaces Clean and Open

There are a few unavoidable facts of life, and these include death, taxes, and the reality that life can get messy. Every day people have to wake up, put on clothes and eat breakfast, and each of these activities involves making some part of the house messy. Laundry has to be done, kitchen dishes washed, and bedrooms dusted and tidied up. Yes, cleaning up a home or office is a lot of work, but ultimately, it has to be done.

Getting Uncluttered

There is a whole philosophy behind the idea of keeping our homes and workspaces clean and uncluttered, and the idea is really catching on. While the idea of “Feng Shui” has to do with arranging a space in a way that allows for positive energy to flow more easily, the idea of cleaning and uncluttering a space is also based on a similar idea.

Right now, we live in a society that seems to prize the over-accumulation of objects, but many cleaning and de-cluttering experts are putting out the idea that we should only keep things around us that really offer us value and that “spark” feelings of joy. While many western people may react negatively to the idea that our objects could have that much influence on us, the idea does have a lot of validity. In a perfect world, we could all call upon professional cleaning services in Olney MD on a daily basis, but in lieu of getting professional cleaners in to deal with our clutter, the fact is we also have the ability to do that for ourselves.

All of us want to feel joy in our homes. By making more space available for our personal energy and feelings of freedom, we may be able to discover even more joy than ever before. So remember to clean and de-clutter in between those professional cleanings!…

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Roofing Budget Hacks for New Home Owners

You just made the biggest purchase of your life, and whether you’re repairing or redoing the roof of your new home there are several tricks to getting it handled on a budget. In a repair situation, you’ll need to make quick decisions, and if you’re redoing the roof you’ll have more time for design.

Longevity and Affordability

A sound, water-tight roof is a must no matter the season or weather. Even on a budget, you can make smart decisions about material that will save you money in both the short and long-term. Compare roofing materials used in your area and consider your financial and housing plans. If you and your family intend on living in your new home for more than a decade, chances are high that you’ll replace or repair the roof more than once when using average materials. Statistically, the average roof lasts just over 15 years when using materials like asphalt shingling, which can’t always hold up against hurricane winds. In comparison, a metal roof lasts between 30 and 50 years, is particularly fire-resistant, can stand up to hurricane-force winds, and typically offers a lifetime warranty.

Shingle roofs can translate to higher maintenance costs over time, too. What seems like a lower cost to you initially might be a high cost later and ruin a long-term budget in the form of frequent and costly roof repairs. This could impact critical budget items your family has planned and saved for, like college payments for your kids, healthcare stability, and even family vacations.

Choosing Your Roofer

Carefully evaluating the roofing oak hill fl contractors available to you is another great way to budget wisely and save yourself future headaches. Will they provide a comprehensive and free estimate for the work? Can they explain the process, the timeline, and any maintenance options to your complete satisfaction? What warranties do they offer?

Research is Key

Finally, your most important budget hack is tapping into the experience of previous roofing oak hill fl area customers. What do the roofing company’s references say about their replacement services, emergency repairs, and work style? Having a good plan together with the benefit of other home owners’ knowledge will get you your best roof on a budget.…

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Should You Rent Your House?

There are many reasons that might require you to move out of your current house, but does that mean that you need to sell it? Not necessarily. If a move is in your future, think about renting out your home rather than selling it. It’s not a choice or everybody, so weigh your options to decide what works best for you and your family.


The first factor you need to look at: can you afford to do this? Speak to a lender at Sun West Mortgage and figure out how much you qualify for.

Calculate how much you would need to charge a tenant in order to make a monthly profit. It is a realistic amount? Consider also the expenses that come with being a landlord:

  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Legal fees
  • Taxes

Sun West Mortgage can help you figure your numbers and decide whether you can afford to own two homes, or if you need to sell in order to afford another one.


If you love your house enough that you don’t want to sell it, imagine someone else living in it. Are you able to turn your beloved home over to another family? Think about the realities of entrusting it to someone else.

  • Potential damages and/or repairs from renters.
  • Being on-call 24/7 to address any problems.
  • Maintenance and upkeep; do the renters keep it looking nice?

Renting your home to another family is a weighty decision. Go into it with an open mind and consider all aspects.…

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Boosting Curb Appeal in Three Easy Ways

Many homeowners and renters think the key to a killer lawn is to heap on the fertilizer or call out the area’s best landscaper, but that is not entirely necessary with the right sprinkler system St Louis. Irrigation is essential to any healthy lawn. In order to achieve the right combination of aesthetics and function, it pays to put a little effort into choosing a good irrigation system.

Water Delivery

Choose a system that minimizes the amount of work and resources you need to achieve your landscaping goals. If you want to maintain a lush property of colorful and exotic plants and flowers, you need a water system that delivers the right amount of water when needed.

Plant Life

The type of plants you choose for your property can determine how much resources you will need to divert to enhance and maintain your property’s curb appeal. Some flowers and shrubs can dramatically increase the curb appeal, but they may require more than you are willing to invest comfortably. Don’t forget to consider the climate and their longevity.


One of the fun aspects of landscaping and irrigation is design. Regardless of your budget, you have the freedom to design your landscape any way you want. Though size and finances may limit your options, the design you choose can enhance the aesthetics and function of your yard. Think beyond the norm and don’t be afraid to try something you liked from another property or new.

No matter what you ultimately decide to do with your sprinkler system and yard, it all boils down to what you want. Some yard and irrigation designs require more work to maintain. If you are someone who is always on the go, you may want to invest in options that require minimal input from you. If you are someone who is not afraid to get your hands dirty, take advantage of the internet for options.…

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What You Should Know About Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is a commonplace item in any hardware store from poles to fittings to bolts. The metal materials are used to hold together fence boards and are used in many guard rails on the side of the road. But how do they galvanize the steel? Here’s everything you wanted to know about the galvanization process.

Entering the Kettle

Fabricated steel is immersed into a molten zinc bath at a steamy 840 to 850 degrees Fahrenheit. The 150-year-old practice uses galvanizing tanks for the hot-dip galvanization process. The zinc bonds to the steel creating a protective layer. The steel comes out of the kettle with a bright appearance. The galvanizer is an experienced chemist and metallurgical worker creating corrosion protection for the versatile metal.

Grades of Zinc

Galvanized steel comes in five grades of zinc. Containing a minimum of 99.995% zinc is the London Metal Exchange Grade. A minimum of 99.990% makes Special High Grade a high purity zinc galvanization. High grade starts at 99.95% followed by Intermediate Grade at 99.5%. Prime Western Grade contains 98.5% zinc with the addition of 0.5 to 1.4% lead.

General Concerns On-Site

The steel can be rejected on-site for a variety of reasons. Common ones include bare spots, dross protrusions, runs and lumpiness, general roughness, mottled or matte gray coating, ash inclusions, rust stains and flux inclusions. Some issues may self heal, but many are grounds for exclusion. The galvanizer can offer better reasons for why certain pieces are rejected.

Now that you know a little more about how the steel is galvanized you may have a little more appreciation for the silver hardware and pipes. They withstand the elements to make sure your home and businesses benefit from the long-lasting materials. Galvanized steel is relatively easy to maintain with decades of corrosion protection even out in the elements.…

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Flat-Roof Installation: Details to Think About

Most rooftops have angles to their shapes so that rain and debris can slough off to the ground. There are flat roofs, however, that serve other purposes in the architectural world. Every roof requires some type of protective material. If you have a flat roof in need of a replacement project, consider these fine details. You want to complete this job with the right people and materials in place.

Experienced Contractors

Look for experienced roofers Edgewater FL. It’s a good rule of thumb to match your project to the contractor’s expertise. Many contractors specialize in certain areas, including flat roofs. The projects have specific details that must be perfected or else the roofing isn’t a quality installation.

Research your contractor before hiring him or her. You might interview several companies before settling on just one business. Picking the most experienced company is better than selecting the contractors based on price only.

Material Choices

Most flat roofs require TPO or EPDM materials. Shingles cannot cover a flat roof because moisture will just seep under the layers. Rubber roofs create a strong barrier to moisture and the weathering elements. Your contractor will discuss the materials, including which ones work for your needs. Each material has a unique cost and labor to its installation.

Weather Considerations

Both sloped and flat roofs must be installed during a calm, weather day. Ideally, try a spring, fall or winter installation time. Florida’s summer heat may not work well for flat-roof installations. The materials won’t stick to the building in the sweltering temperatures.

The wind must be calm as well. Your contractor will make a judgment call when it comes to each workday. The project may take longer if challenging conditions exist.

Always plan your roofing project as far ahead in the future as possible. Contractors are often booked for months at a time. Don’t wait until the roof is declining at a rapid rate. The subsequent damages will only add to the replacement cost’s amount. Plan your roofing project out, and you’ll reap the rewards of a solid job by consummate professionals.…

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